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L2000 RF Level Controller
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PRINCO’s model L2000 radio frequency (RF) point level controller is truly an outstanding value. It combines rugged construction, quick, easy installation  and all the features you need for years of effective, accurate performance.

Operating on the RF impedance sensing principle, the L2000 will detect the   presence (high level) or absence (low level) of a wide variety of materials. It may be made fail-safe in either high or low mode. It will operate in conjunc- tion with process materials that range from low dielectric  (insulating) prod-  ucts such as refined oils, to conductive slurries.

The L2000 incorporates Princo’s user-oriented features - reliability, true

coating cancellation capability, explosion-proof/weatherproof enclosures, RFI immunity, heavy duty relays, easy-on Teflon/316 SS probes and our unique   10-yeqr warranty.

The L2000 has everything you need at a price no higher than the “also rans

Princo, one of the pioneers of RF level sensing technology, has provided

accurate, dependable, long lived service for thousands of applications in all types of industries, worldwide for more than 4 decades.


•          Water-based liquids


          Hydrocarbons and solvents

          Powders and granulars



 Economical – Low in cost, yet packed with all the features needed for accurate, dependable service.

 NULL-KOTE? Circuitry – Negates effects of conductive coating build-up.

 Designed to Survive – RF immune, vibration-proof, all circuit boards are conformally coated (tropical- ized) for extra protection.

 Easy-On Probe Connection – Automatically provides simple, fast installation and reliable operation without wires, connectors, or terminal strips. Simply screw probe into the housing.

 Unique Status Indicator – Red / green LED shows presence or absence of material and also indicates power on

 Heavy Duty Relay – 2 sets of form C contacts rated at 5A, 115 Vac resistive contacts

 High or Low Fail-Safe  Field selectable.

 Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Housing – Weatherproof: NEMA 4

 Wide Temperature Range – Standard process temperature: -300 to 500°F (-184 to 260°C).

ROLLOCK PROBES – No part of the probe can fall into the process or be blown from the mounting. No re-tightening of seals required.

Time-Delay – 0 to 30 second delay minimizes relay chatter

                       Ten-Year Warranty The only level instruments available with this unique assurance of quality.


L2000 Specifications

TYPE: Point type (on/off), solid state electronic, RF impedance-sensing, level controller.

POWER REQUIREMENTS:  95 to 135 Vac, 50 to 60Hz or 205 to 250 Vac, 1.3 watts; or 17/34 Vdc, <1 Watt.

AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -40 to 150 °F (-40 to 66 °C)

SENSITIVITY: Senses capacitance as low as 0.5pF.  May be decreased to approximately 500pF.

TEMPERATURE STABILITY: Temperature coefficient of 0.025pF/°F (4.75pF over ambient temperature range).

ALARM TYPE: Selectable as either High Acting or Low Acting.

ALARM  ACTION: Fail Safe Alarm : Control relay de-energizes (drops out) upon alarm.

CONTROL RELAY CONTACTS: Two sets of form C contacts, rated at 5 amperes, 115 Vac or 26 Vdc, resistive load.

TIME DELAY: Adjustable from 0 to 30 seconds. Standard mode is delay alarm both on and off. Consult the factory for optional times and modes.

ELECTRONIC HOUSINGS: Heavy duty, cast alumimum. Weather proof: NEMA 4.